SMFF - Svenska Naturreservat

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Foto: SM2MTR

Welcome to SMFF!

SMFF - Swedish Flora Fauna, A contest in which all radio amateurs can participate in, to activate and chase nature reserves in Sweden. Moreover, it is simple. Logs can be uploaded on the website in the ADIF format, or be entered manually. All what is required is that you register and log in.

In Sweden, there are over 9000 areas and the contest is to run portable hams radio from these. The race is a points race where a contact is equivalent to 1 point. At least one of the stations have to be located at one of these nature reserves for points to count.

With the help of Google Maps and OpenStreetMaps in our search engine, you can quickly and easily locate areas near you, or your vacation-haunt. Click on the map (karta) in the menu above to try. The map shows the nearest 400 areas from your QTH locator when you are logged in. Zoom into QTH by right clicking!

For information and rules about the contest, click here.

Our hope with this contest is that Radio Amateurs will go out to discover our beautiful Swedish nature. Another advantage that in most cases, receiving is completely free from noise and areas close to the nature reserves are usually also a very good takeoff for our broadcast signals. Nature reserves are also very convenient because they are so numerous, that the vast majority have very many in his neighborhood. This saves costs and the environment because we do not have to drive so far with the car.